About me


To write about “me” is a little bit complicated on this blog. It’s about myself, Daniel, and my professional life as well as about my dog Kian, standing for my family and therefor representing my lovely wife Hanna, our younger dog Lucy and our yet to be born child. We both try to write about our experiences and about the big questions that occupy us. Hopefully with useful insights and inspirations for your life, too.

To give a bit of a background I would describe myself as a typical digital native, if this archetype does exists… I was born in 1988 and discovered the internet, programming and web design in my youth with the help of my older brothers. At the age of 16 I started a freelancing career as a web designer and web developer. This led me to my bachelor studies at the RWTH Aachen und my first job as Head of Development at a small startup. Over the last 8 years I worked for several digital agencies in project management, at a software house for financial / stock market related products as a product manager and currently at a small business consultant agency as head of application development.

So what about Kian? Perhaps you would like to introduce yourself?

Whoof! Oh, pardon me… I am Kian, the oldest dog of Daniel. I am a Labrador and when I am not writing for this blog I am working on my beauty (annotation: He sleeps a lot…) and try to survive the nonsense of my younger sister Lucy.