A new blog – a new perspective

It’s the first of january 2016. Do I think about new year resultions? Sure! Is this blog one of them? Probably…

It’s not my first blog, but I think I needed a restart – a new perspective. I don’t know what impulse gave this new, clean space for my thoughts birth. But more and more I feel it is time to leave a lot of things behind. For the readers of my previous blog (same url) this post should explain what will be different and why I threw hundreds of brilliant posts away (okay, more like 30 not so clever posts I guess…). For my new readers this is a great start to read about the purpose of this blog and planned posts.

The management summary

For the impatient readers a quick summary of what to expect from this blog:

  • Written completely in english.
  • Focus on quality, not on quantity. Few bigger posts with all my thoughts on a single topic.
  • Less about concrete business topics like Scrum, more about the bigger questions in life and the connection between work and private stuff.
  • Reaching out for feedback and opinions. Where I previously wrote about things in which I considered myself to be an expert I now write more about my problems and thoughts and I honestly hope to get as much feedback from you as possible.

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